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Bodds Support is a technology company that helps restore your connection to the outside world. We fix electronic devices. From the classic unexpected phone drop to the laptop that stops working for ‘no’ reason. We’ve seen it all. We understand how traumatic it is when you break your favourite devices and we want you to feel better the moment you come in contact with us.

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • I trust @bodds_support,
    so i use them for my hardware and gadget needs.
    And that's about that.

    Benjamin Dada
    Google Pixel screen replacement
  • I forgot to mention @bodds_support resolved my macbook hard drive issues and now even the old dents that were on the avv disapeared.
    Una well done o.

    Tomiwa Immanuel
    MacBook pro hard drive replacement
  • Thank you so much, I love how professional you guys are. The service was topnotch and you guys did an excellent job

    Omoefe Agbontaen
    MacBook screen replacement
  • Thanks for the great service. I am impressed by your organization I must say. Big ups

    Eleoramo Omobobola
    Hp pavilion screen replacement
  • I love your professionalism - great Job

    Funke Shobanjo
    Ipad 5 not coming on
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